Chris Coombes

Bench life

Life Observed.
Life in the moment.
Life in the tradition of documentary photography.   

Capturing this life. Not in a big way, but with small, intimate meetings of people, situations and time. Interacting with each other to show we are human.

Gestures pose the stillness of contemplation. Perfectly framed as they sit on a fixed point in time… the bench.

The bench that pays witness to all now eves-dropped upon and captured with the click of the shutter.

The bench says to itself and now to us, the viewer:

“Here, rain or shine, I welcome rich or poor, young or old, happy or sad—no one I turn away.
Sit with me and gaze seaward, contemplate, meet, talk and be glad.
Let me make your day better than yesterday.”

In remembrance of Francis Cobby, who died on 20th December 1990.

Bench Life — Hastings promenade, February 2023

Life Observed