Gary Willis

Food for Thought

Pursuing the positive use of photography for social purposes, this latest photographic installation, ‘Food for thought’, features the mouths of real people, facing hard times with food insecurity and food poverty.

Backed with facts and figures, the aim is to drive food poverty awareness. And much needed support for Dom’s Food Mission, Hastings.  

The installation showcases folk becoming the mouthpieces for the call to action: ‘Help put food into these mouths’  

“Photography, like all visual arts, can enrich and inspire.
It can evoke an emotional response.

But can it do more?

Can a photograph highlight social issues?
Can a photograph change opinion?
Can a photograph provoke you, the viewer, into action?   

I do hope so.  

And please, do make a donation”.

Food for Thought, February 2023

Life Observed