Gary Willis

The more we see... 
…the more we should get angry

Get angry.
With your MP. With the so-called regulators. 
And fat cat water companies.
For saying 'yes' to pumping untreated sewage into rivers and seas.
Destroying the environment. Forcing beaches to close.
Impacting upon communities and livelihoods.  

The installation symbolically crumples and destroys photographs 
of the sea, ecosystems, livelihoods, seaside communities, folk 
enjoying a day out.
Just as untreated, raw sewage pours into our seas and rivers 
poisoning and destroying.
So, let’s push for action. Your action.
Because it affects us all. You and your children.

Act now to get them to clean up their act.
Support, amongst others, the Hastings & St. Leonard’s Clean 
Water Action Group. 

Let’s cause a stink.

The More We See