Jude Montague

Montague Armstrong, 2022

Montague Armstrong is Jude Montague and Matt Armstrong. They create original prints and music in their workshop on Kings Road, St Leonards on Sea. These self-portrait cyanotypes were taken early 2022 and printed by Jude Montague.

Her print practice is to work experimentally and, in the moment, creating colourful one-off etchings peopled by animals and figures from mythology, memory and daydreams. She is a performer, a writer, a former archivist and media historian.

She sings Latvian folk songs and her visual work is influenced by animation and poster art from Poland, Czechoslovakia and other countries in the former Soviet Union.

Her two autobiographical graphic novels are ‘Love on the Isle of Dogs’ and ‘Breakfast in Shoreditch’ and her poetry books include ‘For the Messengers’ about footage from the Reuters television news archive where she worked for ten years.

All together, we are different