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The More We See

by Denise Franklin

What a delight to see the Photopians putting on another very visual and exciting exhibition.

The third Photopia exhibition at The Stade Hall brings the everyday and ordinary to our attention.

Do go and see and experience the exploration of vivid light and elegant shadows in the common cut-throughs between buildings and the eerie vulnerable feeling of standing still at night on the seafront while the car lights whiz by.

Experimental cyanotype techniques, flamboyant carnival colour, and elegant Victorianesque walks through the woods (we may even see fairies!).

There are stories untold; a very lonely pram on a vast expanse of beach, an inexplicably misplaced piece of an ordinary brick wall - a view of a man on the platform through a large, murky window.

However, one story is told distinctly - the politics of dirty water and pollution is given prominence and rightly so in this community—until July 28th.

See life through the eyes of 18 Hastings-area photographers

By Phil Hewitt

The More We See offers the chance to see through the eyes of eighteen Hastings-area photographers.

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The More We See... looking through the eyes of local photographers in Hastings

Back on the success of the Spring Exhibition earlier this year (more than 2,200 visitors in eleven days), Photopia members are again at The Stade Hall, down on the seafront of Old Town, Hastings.

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The More We See