Rod Morris

After the Storm

Light is the starting point for most of my work. Subtle differences in the angle, direction and quality of light completely changes the emotional reading of a scene. The action of light describes the world around us, and the longest part of my creative journey has been spent attempting to recognise its many different voices and to respond to its innumerable atmospheres.

I strive to create images with a resonance, a narrative that extends beyond the frame. 

There is often a sense of the protagonist, sometimes directly by their presence in a suggested drama, but in others, they are represented by the light itself, at times in the form of a shadow, at other times by the direction or quality of the light.

“The soldier climbs the glaring stair leaving your shadow.
 Tonight, this torn room sleeps
 Beneath the starlight bent by you.”
Stone is not Stone: Carson McCullers

All together, we are different